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Data backup is an essential component of any computer system but unfortunately it’s too often overlooked, until it’s too late! Accidents happen, computer systems sometimes fail, and data can be lost. A complete data loss can be disastrous to your business. By using BorrelliNet online backup service, you can rest assured that your data is safe no matter what. BorrelliNet online backup service is a cloud-based service that allows you to routinely backup and recover important data using our off-site backup servers. Our system is completely automated, totally secure and very affordable.

How it works. Our client software is installed on the system that you wish to backup. The backup is generally configured to run on a daily basis, usually at night when your system has little or no usage. At the core of our backup software is Rsync, a fast and powerful utility that provides incremental file transfer and synchronization. When the backup runs, it securely connects to our servers using an encrypted SSH tunnel. The Rsync utility will compare the files and directories on your system with the backup copy that resides on our system and transfer only the changed portion of the files, thereby allowing you to synchronize very large amounts of data over a regular Internet connection in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the changed portion of your data is archived on our system for a minimum of 30 days, allowing you to recover lost data even after you’ve overwritten it with new data.

The problem with typical backup media. The media most commonly used for backup purposes (CD/DVD, portable external drives, etc.) is not nearly as reliable as commercial grade cloud storage. These types of media wear out over time and are more susceptible to damage by heat, humidity or electro magnetic fields. You may be backing up your data to a damaged disk right now and not even know it! It is not uncommon for a backup program to run through its routine without error, even if the media it is writing to is damaged, meaning that you won’t know you have a problem until it’s too late, when you attempt to restore your data and find that your backup copy is unreadable. The BorrelliNet online backup service uses a state of the art ZFS filesystem with conservatively sized raidz3 arrays providing 99.9999% resiliency and data integrity.

Off site backups are a necessity. Very often businesses tend to store their backup media in close proximity to the computer system which contains the master copy of the data. In the event of a flood, fire, or other natural disaster the backup copy of your data could be lost along with the rest of your computer system. With BorrelliNet online backup service your data is safely stored, off-site, protecting you in the event of any natural disaster on onsite tragedy.

Have the ability to go back in time. A standard backup system typically does not provide you with any “go-back” capability. In other words, every day you backup your data to the same disk, replacing the backup from the previous day with your most current copy. The problem here is that you may be backing up corrupted data and not even know it. Here is a typical example: Monday you take a complete backup of your system. Tuesday you get a virus, that infects most of the files on your computer system but you do not realize it right away and run your daily back up Tuesday night. Wednesday morning you come into the office and find that your computer system has completely crashed. You attempt to restore from your backup copy but your backup is also corrupted, because Tuesday night, before you realized you had a problem, you ran your backup program and overwrote your good backup copy with a corrupted one. BorrelliNet online backup service archives your data for a period of 30 days (additional archiving is available at additional cost). This means that even if you do not realize your data has been compromised until several days after the fact, you’re still safe. You can “go back in time” and retrieve a good, clean copy of your data from up to 30 days ago.

How valuable is your data? We offer several different online backup plans to meet the needs of your business. Our most basic plans start at only $30/mo. At less than one dollar a day, it’s not a question of can you afford this service, but rather can you afford not to have this service. For individuals or small businesses with only 1 computer we offer a basic backup service that you can install and customize yourself. For our larger clients with multiple computers, LANs, and servers we will design and install a custom solution tailored to meet the needs of your business. Don’t wait until it is too late, contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your backup needs and ensure the integrity of your valuable data.

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